About DDS

Dental Diagnostic Services is Houston’s premiere imaging center for the head and neck. We provide high quality digital diagnostic imaging tailored to both the doctor’s and the patient’s needs. Utilizing the i−CAT CT scanner − the most advanced scanning technology − we produce 3-D images ideal for dental implants, tmj, impactions, orthodontics, pathology, and much more.

Figure 1

i−CAT Cone Beam CT Imaging

The i-CAT CT scanner utilizes state-of-the-art cone beam technology to capture hundreds of slices per 20-second rotation. It is the only CT scanner in production that positions the patient upright, providing the patient added comfort and a natural anatomical orientation.

Services Provided

DDS offers a broad range of diagnostic imaging to aid in your treatment planning.A. Our services include 3-D digital and conventional imaging, diagnostic reports, implant software training, and personal case planning and consultation. These comprehensive services distinguish DDS from other imaging centers and set us apart as a leader in dental imaging.